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Do you need large, complexly designed parts with excellent cosmetics? Sajar has been providing covers, bezels, handles, doors and skins up to 80” long, 70” wide and over 1,000 square inches of total surface area for OEM’s in the medical, laboratory diagnostic, business & financial, and industrial equipment markets since 1949. No matter your requirements, Sajar can offer the proper molding process and equipment to distinguish your products from the competition.

Gas Assist Injection Molding

Gas assist injection molding is a low pressure process that requires the injection of pressurized nitrogen gas into the interior of a mold. Click here to view more information.

High Pressure Structural Foam Molding

In addition to gas assisted injection molding, at Sajar Plastics we offer both high pressure structural foam injection molding and straight injection molding.

Cost Considerations

Along with potential reduction of part count, additional savings are achieved through use of the gas assist processes. Since they typically require one-third the clamping force of conventional injection molding the same part size may be run with a lower tonnage press, not only keeping part costs under control but also introducing less residual stress into the part to further aid dimensional stability.

Gas assist injection molding is a low pressure process that requires the injection of pressurized nitrogen gas into the interior of a mold.

As the industry leader in gas assisted plastic injection molding, Sajar Plastics has extensive molding capabilities to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Gas assisted injection molding can improve dimensional stability and lower costs over traditional manufacturing techniques such as structural foam molding and thermoforming.

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Structural foam molding is a low pressure injection molding process that is capable of producing very large structural parts. The molten plastic is injected into a mold after being mixed with a blowing agent, causing the plastic to “foam.”


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Our decoration and finishing department’s exclusive goal is to make your equipment look better than your competitor’s. Your parts can be painted, electromagnetically shielded, inserted, printed, constructed into highly complex sub-assemblies, and packed to guarantee they arrive at your location looking as sharp as they did when they left Sajar.

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Sajar Plastics provides plastic design and engineering services to assist customers in the development of large, complex, plastic components.

With Sajar’s guidance, customers can commonly consolidate many smaller parts originally intended to be assembled together into one larger part with a cleaner profile, thereby improving the aesthetic appeal of the entire unit and reducing subsequent processing.

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Injection molding is accomplished by forcing molten plastic under pressure into a cavity formed between two matched metal mold halves. Once the plastic cools, the mold is opened and the part removed.

Sajar Plastics has a wide range of injection molding machines and practices a wide range of injection molding processes in order to offer our customers the best manufacturing process and the properly sized production machine for each of their parts.

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