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Large Plastic Parts Injection Molding Services

Sajar Has a Solution for Large Plastic Parts with Complex Designs and Excellent Cosmetics

Our unique capabilities offer you all the creativity you need in the construction of large plastic parts with complex designs and excellent cosmetics. Sajar specializes in plastic enclosures, medical equipment covers, plastic kiosk covers,  bezels, skins, handles, and all other customer viewable parts.

About Sajar Plastics

Sajar Plastics is the World leader in gas assist injection molding and has expertise in straight injection molding and structural foam for the medical, laboratory & diagnostic, manufacturing, financial and retail industries. Sajar also offers supporting capabilities including design, tooling, engineering services, painting, and assembly.

Since 1949, Sajar has been known for producing large, complex plastic parts with distinctive cosmetics in Middlefield, Ohio.  Around 100 employees work in the >150,000 sq ft facility.

Sajar operates 17 injection molding presses ranging in size from 85 T – 1500 T.  Sajar is well equipped to consolidate your supplier base by acting as a one stop shop for large projects requiring a wide variety of plastic part sizes and finishing specifications.

In 2017, Sajar Plastics was acquired by Universal Plastics Group, which represents a family of plastics manufacturing companies specializing in a range of processes including heavy gauge thermoforming, injection molding, gas assist molding, blow molding and structural foam molding.  Universal has been in business for over 50 years with a world-class management team. The expanded breadth of capabilities allows a customer to stay with a Universal family company, including Sajar, throughout the life of the product as it grows and matures.

Sajar Plastics Celebrates 70 Years

Sajar Plastics, founded in 1949, is proud and honored to be celebrating 70 years of business in 2019. It is an anniversary that makes us extremely thankful to be a part of something that has been contributing to businesses, industries, and our local community for so long.

For the past seven decades, Sajar has been successfully providing quality customized solutions and parts, and exceptional customer service through our commitment to continuously improve our products, processes, and services. It is this philosophy that has enabled us to expand our business.  Read full story here.
Sajar Plastics 70 Years

As the industry leader in gas assisted plastic injection molding, Sajar Plastics has extensive molding capabilities to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Large Plastic Parts Gas Assist Injection Molding

Large Part Injection Molding 

Sajar Plastics specializes is large part injection molding. If you have a large plastic part that needs injection molded, we have the capability to do so with our seventeen injection molding machines. From design and tooling to production, Sajar has the expertise to help with your large projects.

Large Plastic Parts Molding Projects

Large Plastic Parts Gas Assist 

Sajar Plastics is known for producing large plastic parts with complex designs and distinctive cosmetics. Sajar Plastics is the World leader in Gas Assist Injection Molding as we are one of the founders of the process. We are the only company to hold a UL Yellow Card for Gas Assist.

Large Complex Plastic Parts Molding

Large Plastic Parts Structural Foam

The use of structural foam comes with a large number of advantages. Of course, structural foam initially became known for its ability to create large parts. However, it soon became apparent that structural foam promised a number of additional benefits.