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Engineering Services / Design Benefits

Engineering Services for Injection Molding

Sajar Plastics provides engineering services for injection molding, gas assist injection molding and structural foam molding to assist customers in the development of large plastic parts. Our comprehensive gas assist injection molding capabilities provide innovative solutions to exceed the limitations of traditional injection molding. Applications for gas assist injection molding (GAIM) include metal to plastic conversion, consolidation of components, and weight reduction of thick-walled sections. Although gas assisted injection molding offers many advantages including less material usage, a desirable surface finish, and lower tooling costs, many customers are not familiar with the process. We can bridge that knowledge gap and advise customers whether their design could be better served by GAIM in place of traditional or structural foam injection molding.

Product Design Consultation

Sajar engages the customer at the concept stage of the design process to educate the customer on their freedom to exceed former limitations on part size, design complexity, and cosmetic appearance. With Sajar’s guidance, customers can commonly consolidate many smaller parts originally intended to be assembled together into one larger part with a cleaner profile, thereby improving the aesthetic appeal of the entire unit and reducing subsequent processing.

Engineering services injection molding
Project Management

Sajar has 17 injection presses ranging from 85 to 1,500 tons with injection shot capacities of 5 to 291 ounces and the capability to employ traditional injection molding, gas assisted injection molding, and structural foam. This enables Sajar to recommend the optimum injection process and press size for every part. Though Sajar is renowned for its expertise in medium to larger sized parts we produce parts of all sizes, and customers with large multicomponent projects chose Sajar to consolidate their supply bases.

Click here for an example of how Sajar manages a typical large project.

Tool Design Consultation & Management

In-house tooling design capabilities are essential in producing consistent, premium quality molded parts. Sajar’s engineers engage designers in the conceptual stage of the project to assure part and mold design compatibility, as well as design for manufacturability and production efficiency. Pro-Engineer and SolidWorks modeling systems verify all designs prior to any fabrication, eliminating costly tooling changes. All tooling is kept on an electronically tracked preventative maintenance schedule. The PM schedule is run through our ERP system to ensure that mold wear does not become a hindrance to production quality or part lead time. Being proactive in the design and maintenance of tooling prevents any manufacturing issues before they occur.
Comprehensive Mold Transfer Programs are critical for assuring a customer’s parts run smoothly in production as soon as they are received by a new injection molding supplier.


Have you lost confidence in a supplier to provide quality injection moldings in a timely fashion? Sajar Plastics has many decades of experience managing transfer mold projects. Our engineers and project managers will reduce your mold transition uncertainties so you can get back to steady production with a supplier who cares. Please view our Tool Transfer Procedure and Tool Transfer Checklist to get started.

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