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Injection Molded Covers for Medical Equipment

plastic medical covers and bezels

A customer in the medical industry hired Sajar Plastics to complete the design and fabrication of a custom medical equipment cover, converting from a thermoformed process. Our gas assisted injection molding process was employed on this complex part, utilizing a 400 ton injection molding press and Cycoloy 6600 PC/ABS. The part was finished with mist coat painting, and assembled with sonically welded inserts and ball studs. Our Tamp Print 150 applies the multi-colored logo.

The converted thermoformed part exhibited consistent color and finish, and featured molded in ribs and bosses to impart high stiffness and achieve a low part weight. There was no warping across the highly contoured design, and the smooth single component panel is easy to clean. Finished product quality is highly repeatable with greater part to part dimensional consistency. Overall dimensions of the completed part were 24″ in length, 11″ in width, and 4″ in height. 500 units are produced for this customer annually.

For more details about this medical equipment cover conversion design and fabrication, or the other injection molding capabilities available please see the table below or contact us directly.

medical covers and bezels injection molding

“As the industry leader in Gas Assisted Plastic Injection Molding, Sajar Plastics has¬†extensive molding capabilities to meet…”

Injection Molded Medical Equipment Cover Highlights
Product Description Medical Equipment Cover
Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary: Gas Assisted Injection Molding
Secondary: Mist Coat Painting
Tertiary: Sonically Welded Inserts & Ball Studs, Attractive, Multicolor Pad Printed Logo
Equipment Used 400 Ton Injection Molding Press
Branson 2000 iw Sonic Welder
Tamp Print 150 Pad Printer
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 24"
Width: 11"
Height: 4"
Material Used Cycoloy 6600 PC/ABS
Material Finish Molded In Texture and Mist Coating Painting
Industry for Use Medical
Volume 500 per year
Standards Met Customer Specifications