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Straight Injection Molding

Straight Injection Molding

Sajar Plastics has a wide range of straight injection molding machines and practices a wide range of injection molding processes (straight, structural foam, and gas assist molding) in order to offer our customers the best manufacturing process and the properly sized production machine for each of their parts.

We have seventeen injection molding machines with press tonnages ranging from 85 to 1,500 tons. Though Sajar is renowned for its expertise in medium to larger sized complexly designed plastics parts, we have the capability to produce almost any size part, therefore allowing the consolidation and simplification of the customer’s supply base.

We specialize in large multi-part projects and are valued by OEM customers for our large project design and integration services. Sajar processes a full range of engineered polymers (see below) and specializes in short run production quantities.