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Sajar Plastics History and Description

History of Sajar Plastics

Large plastic parts sajar plastics

Sajar Plastics was founded in Middlefield, Ohio in 1949 with three plastic injection molding machines producing straight injection molded parts. “Sajar” is an acronym reflecting the last names of the founding three owners of the company. Sajar grew steadily over the years expanding manufacturing capabilities and facility to over 150,000 sq. ft., a direct result of earning a reputation in the custom molding industry as an innovative molder supplying high quality large plastic parts with complex designs and high cosmetic requirements at competitive prices.

In the early 1980’s Sajar was one of the three original companies which developed gas assisted injection molding and continues to pioneer its use and application today. Since then Sajar has acquired the equipment and processing technology necessary for the production of large complexly designed parts and the quality culture required to produce consistent high quality cosmetics on customer facing components. To date Sajar has commercialized over 500 gas assisted parts for leading OEMs in a wide variety of industries including medical, laboratory and diagnostic, manufacturing, business, and retail registers/dispensing machines.

With small, medium, and large tonnage presses, along with in-house painting and full secondary operations and assembly, Sajar is well equipped to consolidate your supplier base by acting as a one stop shop for large projects requiring a wide variety or plastic part sizes and finishing specifications. We welcome your visit so you can see our gas assist technology and capabilities.

World Leader in Large, Highly Cosmetic Plastic Parts

Large complex plastic parts sajar plastics

Internal gas assist injection molding is a low pressure process requiring the introduction of a short shot of molten resin into the mold which is immediately followed by the injection of high pressure nitrogen gas. The gas flows through strategically located gas channels by displacing the molten resin in the channel interior, thereby forming hollow sections.

The pressurized gas pushes the molten resin tight against the cavity walls until the part solidifies, and the constant, evenly transmitted gas pressure keeps the part from shrinking and warping while also reducing surface blemishes, sink marks, and internal stresses. This process produces a large plastic part with superior surface aesthetics and tight dimensional control over large distances.

In external gas assist injection molding the molten resin is introduced into the mold but the gas is injected in a micro-thin layer between the back surface of the part and the mold core, thereby forcing the front surface of the part against the opposite side of the mold cavity. As the resin cools the pressurized gas guarantees the front side of the part precisely replicates the surface of the mold.

This process is best for high profile and large surface area plastic parts, especially those requiring detailed textures and superior surface aesthetics. Warp and sink marks are eliminated because the gas packs out the resin as it solidifies. As with internal gas assist, support ribs and bosses can be molded into the part yielding similar dimensional stability and tight tolerances. Molding pressures are also likewise reduced generating less residual stress on parts and wear on molds.

Company News

Sajar Plastics Universal Plastics

Universal Plastics Buys Blow Molder Premium Plastic Solutions

Universal Plastics Corp. has added a fourth member to its group of plastics processing companies.

The Holyoke, Mass.-based thermoformer bought Premium Plastic Solutions LLC, a custom blow molder in Latrobe, Pa. The acquisition was completed just before the end of the year, on Dec. 15, and marked Universal Plastics’ second acquisition in 2017. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Premium Plastic Solutions molds large parts for a range of industries, including medical, garden/lawn equipment, waste management, safety equipment, recreational equipment and water bottles. Its previous owners were private equity firms CapitalWorks LLC and Little Mountain Industries Inc., both in Cleveland.

In addition to Universal Plastics Corp., Premium Plastic Solutions joins two other companies within the Universal Plastics Group: thermoformer Mayfield Plastics Inc. in Sutton, Mass., and large-part injection molder Sajar Plastics LLC in Middlefield, Ohio. Sajar Plastics specializes in gas-assist injection molding.

Universal Plastics Group was formed in response to its recent acquisitions, the company said.

“With four sites across the country, three different types of manufacturing capabilities and more [companies] that we’re looking at, it really now makes sense for us to have this umbrella — sort of mother organization — that can provide leadership and resources,” Pia Kumar, chief strategy officer for Universal Plastics Group, said in a Feb. 9 phone interview.

All employees, about 70, at Premium Plastic Solutions will stay on in their current roles. Larry Nowak, president and CEO of Sajar Plastics, which Universal Plastics bought in June 2017 for an undisclosed amount, will assume similar responsibilities for Premium Plastic Solutions.

“We were simply lucky enough to find two great companies in one year,” Pia Kumar said in a Feb. 9 email when asked about the back-to-back acquisitions.

Sajar Plastics is just under a three-hour drive from Premium Plastic Solutions’ Latrobe facility.

In a Jan. 31 news release, Jay Kumar, chairman of Premium Plastic Solutions and president & CEO of the Universal Plastics Group, said Premium Plastic Solutions “brings a deep understanding and a long history of blow molding to the Universal Plastics Group.”

“It rounds out our capabilities in important ways, adding to the thermoforming and injection molding skills,” he said. “With this acquisition, our goal is to meet every need of a prospective user of large molded plastic parts through a UPG company.”

With a range of large-part blow molding, custom thermoforming and large-part injection molding capabilities, the company said it can be a “supplier of choice” for its OEM customers.

“Jay’s goal is take make UPG a comprehensive, high-quality plastics supplier and to service customer needs at any point in the product lifecycle,” Pia Kumar said.

“We have four manufacturing facilities working together as one robust company to meet customer needs. The combined capabilities, engineering scale, and manufacturing expertise across multiple sites will allow us to achieve more efficiencies and be more responsive to our customer base,” she added.

The group is now able to offer injection and blow molding for nearly any volume level, whether prototyping or mass production, the company said. In addition, the expanded offerings enable economically optimal production processes for 50-500,000 parts per year, flexibility to mix production methods by part on multipart projects and assemblies, and a smoother transition between lower and higher volume processes with the same supplier, she said.

The Universal Plastics Group has approximately 350 employees and a full range of capabilities, including heavy-gauge thermoforming and pressure forming, gas-assisted injection molding, in-line packaging, metal-to-plastic conversion and tool making, among other competencies.

“We are an acquisitive company, and we are actively looking to expand. Our focus remains on plastics manufacturing,” Pia Kumar said. “We are looking for businesses with a strong strategic and cultural fit to join the UPG family. Jay and his leadership team are focused on finding good opportunities for future growth — both inorganic and organic.”

Sajar Plastics injection molding

Sajar Plastics Breaks the Mold in Specialized Plastics Manufacturing

Middlefield’s injection molding pioneer joins the Universal Plastics family


In the heart of Middlefield, where rolling farmland gives way to modern industry, sits Sajar Plastics’ sprawling production facility. Founded in 1949, the manufacturer specializes in gas-assist injection molding of plastic parts. Sajar derived its name from an acronym representing the last names of its founders. Considered a pioneer in the gasassist injection molding industry—technology that Sajar founders helped develop—the company employs more than 100 people in its 150,000-square-foot facility and has estimated sales of $16 million.

Gas-assist injection molding is a process used to manufacture large plastic parts with complex designs and high-quality surface finishes. It is ideal for producing large handles, equipment covers, doors, bezels, cabinets, and skins. End markets include medical, laboratory and diagnostic, business, and retail registers/dispensing machines. Sajar offers multiple gas-assist technologies, including traditional internal gas assist and external, gascounterpressure processes.

“Our No. 1 goal is to get more work into the Middlefield facility.” – Jay Kumar, CEO and Owner, Universal Plastics

In June 2017, the company was sold to Universal Plastics Corp., a heavy-gauge thermoformer based in Holyhoke, Mass. For more than 50 years, Universal has been a leader in manufacturing parts for the aerospace, medical device, transportation, consumer products, food packaging, and electronics industries. Jay Kumar, president and CEO of Universal Plastics and Mayfield Plastics Inc., explains the philosophy behind the recent Sajar acquisition.

“We are very pro-American manufacturing,” he says. “We want to see more work coming back to America. In that regard, we were always looking for an injection molder. When we looked at Sajar, we knew it was by far the best we had ever seen. It had a strong Midwestern work ethic and engineering department, and a culture of people working together.”

Before he was a plastics industry entrepreneur, Kumar was a Wall Street trader. After 10 years at J.P. Morgan Chase, he and his father, Sunil Kumar, decided to team up and take on small-business ownership. The elder Kumar had worked in the manufacturing sector for more than four decades. After selling the company he was working for, he was ready for a new venture.

“My father ran a chemical company, which he sold to Ashland,” says Jay Kumar. “We are very bullish on American manufacturing. We thought it would be a good idea to buy a small manufacturing company and see what we could do with it.”

The father-son team purchased Universal Plastics in 2012. The company specializes in thermoforming, a process in which a sheet of plastic is heated and placed over a mold. When the sheet cools, it hardens and forms a part. The technology is used to make large pieces such as aerospace parts and automotive bumpers. The next year, the Kumars acquired Mayfield Plastics in Sutton, Mass. Both Universal and Mayfield focus on the design and low-volume production of large parts. End products include covers and panels for medical equipment, such as X-ray and CT scanning machines. From kayaks to alpine sleds to plastic-clamshell food packaging, the sister companies produce a slew of products for a variety of industries. Together, Universal and Mayfield represent one of the largest precision thermoformers in the United States.

“Our goal was to grow the plastics platform and buy more good businesses that fit the culture,” says Kumar.

Kumar credits Geauga County administrators with helping Universal Plastics throughout the Sajar acquisition process. “Everyone has been extremely helpful,” he says. “Ohio has a reputation for being a very pro-business state, and I’m already beginning to see that.”

The parts Sajar Plastics manufactures are similar to those Universal Plastics makes. In fact, the companies have an overlapping customer base, yet they do not compete with each other. When considering the Sajar purchase, Kumar and his team had a vision of serving customers who started with custom thermoforming and eventually progressed to injection molding. In addition to gas-assist injection molding, Sajar offers customers high-pressure structural molding, straight injection molding, engineering services, and secondary operations that include finishing (paint, labeling, and printing), assembly, and packaging. A broad choice of manufacturing capabilities means customers can find solutions within the Universal family of companies.

Because of Sajar Plastics’ ongoing success, Universal management did not make changes regarding employees, facilities and procedures. Larry Nowak, president and CEO of Sajar Plastics, continues to head the Middlefield facility.

The Process

Gas-assist injection molding technology was developed in the 1980s by three companies, Sajar being one of them. During the process, plastic pellets are heated and melted. The melted resin is then injected into a steel mold. Because the liquid plastic is injected at high pressures, it is able to reach all areas of the mold. Small channels within the mold are filled with pressurized nitrogen gas, allowing the resin to flow throughout the mold. Once the resin is cooled, the part is removed from the mold. Gas-assist molding enables the production of complex, large parts with stringent cosmetic requirements. It requires less resin than traditional injection molding processes, which translates into material reduction and cost savings.

“We want to see more work coming back to America. In that regard, we were always looking for an injection molder. When we looked at Sajar, we knew it was by far the best we had ever seen.” – Jay Kumar, CEO and Owner, Universal Plastics

“Sajar is probably the best in the nation—maybe the world—in the gas-assist injection molding industry,” says Kumar. “Our employees are really good at what they do and at pushing the envelope of this technology.”

Though known for medium- to large-part manufacturing, Sajar has the capabilities to produce almost any size part so customers can streamline their processes and consolidate supply bases. The injection molder can produce plastic parts up to 80 inches long and 70 inches wide with surface areas of 1,000 square inches. One medical-device manufacturer hired Sajar to design and fabricate a custom medical equipment cover, converting their previous product from a thermoform process. Other applications include the production of custom, computer-server doors and medical equipment trays. Previously, the trays were manufactured using a structural foam process. Converting the process to gas-assist injection molding allowed the customer to increase production quantities and reduce the weight of the finished product.

Looking Ahead

Though it has been less than three months since the acquisition, adding the Middlefield-based manufacturer to the Universal Plastics family is proving beneficial to customers, employees and investors.

“It was a good fit,” says Kumar. “I’m very happy with the purchase. It has only been a few months, but we have had no negative surprises. I really enjoy the people who are there. They work very hard, are intellectually honest, and I like their spirit and work ethic.”

When asked if he has plans to grow Sajar’s business, Kumar says, “Absolutely. We plan on expanding through acquisitions—the Midwest is ideal for that. And, we plan to expand the Middlefield site. Our No. 1 goal is to get more work into the Middlefield facility. We want to add more thermoforming and molding equipment there.

“I am very excited and feel honored that I was able to purchase Sajar. I love the people there and the work that they do. I think the customers appreciate what Sajar Plastics has to offer.”

With an eye on customer success, Sajar will continue to grow its business. Stay tuned for more from the plastics pioneer of Geauga County. For more information on manufacturing solutions from Sajar Plastics, please contact the company at 440.632.5203 or info@sajar.com, or visit their website at www.sajarplastics.com.

Universal Plastics, a sister company of Mayfield Plastics,  acquisition of Sajar Plastics was recently featured in the Fall Edition of Geauga Business Magazine. You can read the original article in PDF format entitled Sajar Plastics Breaks the Mold in Specialized Plastics Manufacturing by clicking here. The full article is below.

Universal Plastics Blow Molding

Sajar Plastics Acquired by Universal Plastics

Heavy gauge thermoformer expands into gas assist injection molding

Universal Plastics, a heavy gauge thermoformer based in Massachusetts, has acquired Sajar Plastics, a gas assist injection molder based in Middlefield OH. Terms of the sale were not disclosed.

The strategic vision for the acquisition is that Universal Plastics currently services customers who start out with custom thermoforming and graduate to injection molding – Sajar’s low volume gas assist injection molding expertise provides Universal with the opportunity to support their customers further along the product life cycle. The expanded breadth of capabilities will allow a customer to stay with a Universal family company throughout the life of the product from lower volumes at inception to higher volumes as the product grows and matures. Further, the combined company can provide unbiased guidance on which process is better suited for a particular application. Sajar Plastics will continue to maintain their facilities, employees and procedures which have made them successful for many years. Universal’s commitment to customer-focused growth and investment for the future will enable Sajar and the entire family of companies to further expand the range of products offered to customers and service them better.

According to Jay Kumar, President of Universal Plastics, “Customer success is our top priority and guiding focus. Sajar’s synergies with our existing thermoforming businesses, Universal and Mayfield, are plenty – a strong management team, sound business processes and a commitment to top quality products are what we are going to build upon. Above all, we value our relationships with our customers and are committed to maintaining and growing the value that we provide to them.”

Said Larry Nowak, CEO of Sajar Plastics, “Sajar is delighted to be a part of the Universal Plastics family of companies.  We are excited by the prospect of bringing a unique combination of capabilities to both the customers of each company and to the broader market for large, complex and aesthetically demanding parts through the merging of Sajar’s deep knowledge and experience with gas assisted large part injection molding, and the large complex part thermoforming skills of Universal Plastics. “

Molding Business Services (www.moldingbusiness.com), based in Florence MA, served as the advisor to Sajar Plastics on the transaction.

About Sajar Plastics

Sajar Plastics is a gas assist injection molder based in Middlefield, Ohio and founded in 1949. In the early 1980’s Sajar was one of the three original companies which developed gas assisted injection molding and continues to pioneer its use and application today. Since then Sajar has acquired the equipment and processing technology necessary for the production of large complexly designed parts and the quality culture required to produce consistent high quality cosmetics on customer facing components. Sajar’s manufacturing capabilities boast a facility of over 150,000 sq. and to date Sajar has commercialized over 500 gas assisted parts for leading OEMs in a wide variety of industries including medical, laboratory and diagnostic, manufacturing, business, and retail registers/dispensing machines.

For more information visit www.sajarplastics.com.

About Universal Plastics

Universal Plastics is a custom thermoformer based in Holyoke MA with strong legacy of expertise in manufacturing thermoformed plastic parts of the highest quality with a distinct focus on customer satisfaction. Universal has been in business for over 50 years with a world class management team and currently serves customers in a variety of industries including aerospace, medical device manufacturers, transportation, consumer products, food packaging and electronic companies.

In 2013, Universal Plastics purchased Mayfield Plastics, a custom thermoformer based in Sutton MA with the intent of growing the thermoforming business locally through the combined strength and synergies of both companies. Together, Universal & Mayfield Plastics represent the one of the largest thermoformer in the United States and are proud to offer a manufacturing service which is state of the art.

For more information visit www.universalplastics.com.

For more information about Mayfield Plastics, please visit www.mayfieldplastics.com.