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Gas Assist Injection Molding

Gas Assist Injection Molding

As the industry leader in gas assisted plastic injection molding, Sajar Plastics has extensive molding capabilities to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Gas assisted injection molding can improve dimensional stability and lower costs over traditional manufacturing techniques such as structural foam molding and thermoforming. By injecting a controlled stream of gas into the mold, thick walls are created with hollow sections that save on material, shorten cycle time, and reduce the pressure required to mold the large plastic parts with complex designs and attractive surface finishes. All of these benefits are realized without any detriment to the structural integrity of the molded component.

Download our Large, Complex Part Design and Consolidation Sheet to learn more.

We offer both internal and external gas assisted injection molding which allows us to create a myriad of complex part geometries not previously achievable by injection molding. Instead of requiring multiple parts that must later be assembled, supports and stand-offs are easily integrated into a single mold without the need for complex coring. Multiple injection molding machines are capable of producing parts from 10″ to 80″ long and from 10″ to 70″ wide. Our customer base includes OEM producers of retail kiosks that provide automated services, laboratory and diagnostic equipment designers, medical equipment manufacturers, and large office equipment companies. In addition to gas assisted molding, traditional injection molding and structural foam molding are available. Value added services including painting, inserting, printing, assembly and packaging provide customers with a single source for turnkey injection molded parts.

Gas Assist Injection Molding Projects

Gas Assist Injection Molding Capabilities
Mold Process Type Internal Gas Assisted Injection Molding
External Gas Assisted Injection Molding
Materials ABS
ABS/Polycarbonate Blends
Polyamide (Nylon)
PPA (Zytel)
Clamping Force 85 to 1500 Tons
Shot Size 5 to 291 oz.
Part Length 10" to 80"
Part Width 10" to 70"
Intended Application Enclosures
Equipment Cabinets
Additional Molding Capabilities Overmolding
In-Mold Assembly
Traditional Injection Molding
Structural Foam Molding
Additional Services Finish Machining
Pad Printing
Heat Staking
Sonic Welding
Testing & Inspection CMM Dimensional Inspection
Color Spectrophotometer
Gloss Meter
Lead Time Quoted on job by job basis
Production Volume 200 - 5,000 Parts Typical
Small to Medium Size Production Runs
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