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Employment at Sajar Plastics

Sajar is committed to being the employer of choice and to exceed customer expectations. We applaud ingenuity and reward problem-solving. We value integrity – teamwork – hard work and excellence. Sajar offers a competitive wage and benefits package and the opportunity for advancement.

Sajar offers competitive salary and benefits plus a team-based culture. Sajar Plastics is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer and welcomes all qualified applicants

Qualified candidates can submit their resume to Linda O’Brien at l.obrien@sajar.com or complete the form below.

About Sajar Plastics

For decades, industry-leading OEM’s across all markets have all relied on Sajar for their large plastic part requirements. Throughout our sixty-plus years of injection molding, numerous customers have awarded Sajar for our outstanding supplier performance.

Sajar Plastics was founded in Middlefield, Ohio in 1949 with three plastic injection molding machines producing straight injection molded parts. Sajar grew steadily over the years expanding manufacturing capabilities and facility to over 150,000 sq. ft., a direct result of earning a reputation in the custom molding industry as an innovative molder supplying high quality large plastic parts with complex designs and high cosmetic requirements at competitive prices. Learn more about Sajar’s History.

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